The Cube

Alright my good friends, I need your help. I have decided to push my boundaries this year and build an interactive art project. Here’s the run down:

Taylor Krebs and I are building 4 foot, functional, wooden Rubik’s cube! To add a collaborative kick to The Cube, we are going to replace the traditional plain colors on each face with 6 different paintings done by local artists.

The project is going to make its first appearance at this year’s Alchemy, but will continue to come out to future regional burns and other events. The Cube will be a live canvas for artists since we plan on having it repainted by each event.

The project raised some money at the Alchemy Art Fundraiser, but has not met its goal yet. The fundraising works like a Kickstarter: If we don’t make our minmum goal we don’t get any of the money we raised. So follow the link below and throw in a few bucks. What’s also awesome is that Alchemy will match each dollar that you donat. Help my first art project come to life!

As a donor, you will be kept in the loop about updates, progress, and exclusive sneak peaks of how things are looking 😉

If you are an artist who is interested in adopting and painting a face of The Cube, shoot me a Facebook message or email Tareq(at)Euphoriaburn(dot)com and I will give you more details


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