Opiuo : Butternut Slap Part 3

Finally catching up with Opiuo’s 3rd Butternut Slap. A little less “loud” and more melodic than the first two, but still fantastically dancy and glitchy.



It is always surprising to me that Opiuo is not as big or highlighted in the electronic music scene (or maybe he is and I’m missing that). The man is a freaking genius! His sound is so unique that you can instantly recognize it where ever you hear it. He is an amazingly good sound editor, which is made more impressive when combined with his active tour schedule and amount of releases he puts out.

Check out more Opiuo if you are looking for a well balanced blend of glitch, funk, hip hop, melody, and BASS… all wrapped in mushy package of positive dancy vibe.  One last thing to mention is that, somehow, even though his is tunes and samples are obviously synthetic, the final product feels very organic and lively… something that makes for a neat listening and dancing experience


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